Monthly Archives: September 2010

Green with envy

Robert Carling pretends to read the minds of the millions of Green voters in asserting that they did not know the economic policies they were supporting (“Tax policy devised by party that is green with envy”, The Australian, September 3).

It is equally possible that they fully support tax reforms with a goal of fairness, rather than the ideological propertarianism fashionable at the Centre for Independent Studies. To describe this as “envy” is ad hominem and does not address the tax facts.

Australia remains one of the lowest income-taxing countries on Earth, and our company tax rate is well below that in the United States, Japan, Germany, France and Canada. The Greens’ modest tax proposals would not change this.

Oil-well idealism

Greg Sheridan heralds the success of the Iraq war (“In praise of good patriots and reasonable people”, The Australian, September 2), bringing us the glad tidings on improved Iraqi telecommunications: 500,000 new landlines – about the same number as the civilian death count.

No-one will miss Saddam Hussein, but remember that this war was prosecuted on false pretences, was deliberately confused with misdirected revenge for 9/11, and killed hundreds of thousands of innocents. And still there is no government.

When George W. Bush declared war in 2003, the first warning he gave to the Iraqi people was this: “Do not destroy oil wells”, making clear the ratio of “geo-strategic and idealistic goals” in Sheridan’s purported mix.

I look forward to the day that such idealism will lead us to invade, say, China. Oh, wait, we already have access to their markets.