Rupert vs. Auntie

It is only natural that The Australian should play its role as part of Rupert Murdoch’s global News Corporation, which controls two-thirds of Australia’s press, by intensifying its conservative bias during an election campaign. But this sharpens the irony of its mantra of left-wing ABC bias.

This chant, which advocates the interventionist editorial regime favoured at NewsCorp and even presumes so far as to prescribe – by name – who should be hired and fired at the ABC, contains a telling contradiction: that the ABC should simultaneously inform and reflect the views of all Australians.

And there is the conceit: if most believe the world is flat – and we all do in one way or another – it is the responsibility of the press to inform us it is round, rather than pander to our ignorance.

The relative independence granted ABC journalists is the precise opposite of bias, and must be jealously guarded against global media bullies who only want the story told their way.

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