Democracy, my way

Whether the Territories should have legislative parity with the States should obviously be decided on its merits, not on speculation about what decisions they may make if it comes to pass (such as potentially approving gay marriage). Unfortunately The Australian has chosen to add to this widespread confusion (“Canberra should not cede power to territories”, 3/3).

Worse, they opine that because voters’ views in the A.C.T “do not always coincide with those of the wider Australian community”, they should not be able to legislate for their own constituency. By the same reasoning, rural voters should not be allowed to vote for National Party candidates. In fact, why not go the whole hog and outlaw minor parties altogether?

This self-contradictory, “you can have democracy as long as you agree with me” attitude reflects the fact that small-L liberals and social conservatives, who both fly the conservative banner, actually have nothing in common at all.

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