Straight dope

Angela Shanahan (“Politicians’ dubious moral compass risks our freedom”, The Australian, 9/7) promotes a number of falsehoods, most insidiously that “[c]hildren will suffer…within a same-sex relationship”. Research consistently shows this is not the case, despite the unsubstantiated assertions of academic Margaret Somerville.

It is also false that “[m]arriage exists…only to protect the children born of the union”. Childless couples, adoptive and step-parents may all marry, as long as they are straight.

Warnings that legal gay marriage will infringe “rights” to criticise and shun homosexuals are risible: the legality of, say, prostitution has no bearing on whether one is allowed to discuss its morality or required to socialise with its practitioners.

Far from being a “contentious” debate which “the Greens are forcing on us”, Australians overwhelmingly support gay marriage. Shanahan is clutching at straws in her attempts to dress up her anti-gay agenda as something more noble.

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