Mad Monk

In a world where everyone owns their own radio station, it could well be that “[i]n the contest of ideas, the strong will naturally defeat the weak” (“Sound of one-sided debates a disturbing trend”, The Australian, 9/7). But in the real world, public opinion is moving in the opposite direction from scientific knowledge, thanks to relentless one-sided misinformation from likes of Alan Jones, “Lord” Monckton and The Australian.

With freedom of speech comes accountability for the truth of what you say. This is what GetUp, the non-hate media and Australia’s scientific community are insisting on from Jones, Monckton et al. That is not censorship, nor “bully-boy tactics”, nor “intellectual intolerance”, but part of the debate. Yet The Australian chooses to defend the liar’s right to lie, but not the right of others to expose the lie. That seems a little one-sided.

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