A pair of witchdoctors and their ugly cohort

Scott Morrison accurately describes the Government’s refugee policy as hypocritical and barbarous, but draws the same charge upon his own party (“No happy anniversary for non-solution to boats”, The Australian, 7/7).

The hellish camps described by Morrison are the “queue” that boat arrivals are accused of jumping. The average wait is 17 years. Both parties pointlessly imprison people for trying to escape this slow death, and cling without proof to the vanity that this deters them from the attempt, like a pair of witchdoctors squabbling over whose incantation made the sun rise.

“Border protection” is a misappropriated military term, a loaded misnomer through which both parties slyly flirt with an ugly cohort whose main concern about refugees is their ethnic origin. Borders are imaginary lines on a map, refugees are human beings.

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