That the ACTU sensibly prioritises the two-thirds of students who attend government schools does not justify your claims of its “remoteness from the values of mainstream working Australians and its increasing capture by activists on the political fringe” (“Independent teachers have a right to defend schools”, The Australian, 6/7). Australia’s oxymoronic public funding of private schools, a global oddity and probably unconstitutional, has become a sacred cow, but suburb for suburb, educational results are the same, while private schools’ double-dip funding means they have nicer buildings. Accusing those who do not want to extend this privilege further of “class war” and even religious discrimination is hysterical nonsense.

The private school union may take their bat and ball and go home, but neither “mainstream working Australians” nor anyone else believe that those who have made special private arrangements for themselves can expect everyone else to pay for them.

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