Reclaim for whom?

The Australian’s editorialists seem to believe that as a privately-owned newspaper, it is exempt from the standards of impartiality that it accuses the ABC of breaching (“Leadership is needed to reclaim taxpayers’ ABC”, 27/5).

Their anti-ABC crusade is one of many, openly run in The Australian’s opinion pages by a commentariat hand-picked for their conservative views. On the other hand, the mildly progressive overall tone of opinion at the ABC is reflective not of some imaginary “coterie”, but of the general views of journalists worldwide and throughout recent history; that is, when they are hired without favour and their work is not filtered through the lens of their bosses’ idea of what is “mainstream”, rather than what is news.

If what is meant by “leadership” is top-down dictating of political content, politically-selective hiring, or perhaps even a return to Howard-style direct appointment of pet board members: well, maybe that’s how things work at News Limited, but not at my ABC.

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