White people miffed

Gary Johns doesn’t get why “one Aborigine hating another in public doesn’t cut it under the Racial Discrimination Act” (“Not equal when it comes to being offensive”, The Australian, 14/4). If he had stopped to think for second, he may have realised that racial hatred is not about the race of those involved, but the reason for the hatred.

Johns’ theory that the deaths-in-custody and Stolen Generation inquiries constituted an indigenous campaign of racial vilification against “the commonwealth, that is, the white man” is factually, legally and constitutionally nonsense. He is miffed that white people didn’t get inquiries too, willfully ignoring the crucial distinction between what the Act calls the “dominant class” and the underdog.

Even if it were true that “white society” is so burdened by oppression, how does Johns conclude from this that laws should be changed to allow Andrew Bolt to freely dish out more of the same?

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