Market research vs news

The ABC has been exhaustively criticised in The Australian for failing to “reflect the mainstream”, both in staff culture and broadcast content. This implies that journalists should be demographically average, and that news and opinion should be shaped by statistics about what the public already knows and believes, rather than considerations like accuracy, rigour, importance or morality. That’s market research, not news.

One thought on “Market research vs news

  1. HH

    The Australian should be happy it doesn’t reflect the mainstream. So much rep for the IPA that the whole thing is unnatutrally skewed in The Australians direction anyways.
    Any so-called left voices are bound by ABC policy to be so unbiased they don’t count, or they come out swinging for some weird version of neutrality that has nothing to do with the reality of anyone’s own or any public take on current events. I’m looking at you Faine. In short, aargh.


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