Henningham misrepresented

The IPA’s Andrew McIntyre (“For normal viewing lean left”, The Australian, 20/12) resorts to cherry-picking and misrepresentation to confabulate hard evidence of ABC left-wing bias.

He cites the thirty-year old Dix Report, which refers only to the “range of viewpoints”, not any particular bias. He similarly misrepresents Professor John Henningham’s studies, which show an unsurprising progressive leaning amongst journalists as a whole. McIntyre cunningly implies that this referred to the ABC in particular by interspersing his own comments about the ABC amongst Henningham’s findings. Henningham did find a perception of ABC bias among journalists, but other studies of actual published bias, which McIntyre prefers to ignore, do not find any.

McIntyre lists half a dozen conservative pet issues that the ABC does not treat as he would like, daring them to cover “mainstream ideas”. I have some (unbiased) news for him: the economic libertarian ideas of the IPA are not mainstream in Australia.

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