Education causes godlessness

It seems The Australian would drum up a green “class war” of its own with the claim that “those struggling to afford their daily bread…subsidise richer people who can afford solar panels” (“Gaia ousts God in the latte hubs”, Editorial, 13/7). As always, the first casualty of war is truth: in fact, uptake of solar rebates has been predominantly in Australia’s mortgage belts, not by the dreaded “urban elites”.

But nothing beats religion as an aid to warmongering, thus the equally silly claim that “it is not rationalism…but the gospel of the Greens” which is behind the godless worldviews of these “black-clad inner-city hipsters”. Education has always correlated with less religious and more progressive views. You can’t blame the Greens, nor the city, for that.

The best way to stop the spread of these pernicious ideas is to ensure people don’t get too educated. Keep up the good work, The Australian.

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