Monthly Archives: May 2013

Science or hoax?

Janet Albrechtsen counsels respect for the achievements of mainstream science, and for its proven methods for averting large-scale disaster (“Zealots forget the epidemics”, The Australian, 29/5). In this case she is talking about immunisation, but presumably when it comes to anthropogenic climate change, which she once described as “the hoax of the century”, she will now follow her own advice.

Free ride

The Australian’s story “Poor slugged for court fees as boatpeople get free ride” (3/5) falsely implies that new court fee rules favour asylum seekers over “ordinary Australians”. This is reminiscent of the nonsense we were once accustomed to hearing from a certain Ms Hanson.

In fact, it is long-established practice to waive court fees for important cases where money would be a barrier to justice. The refugees we imprison generally have no income, and their cases often turn on issues of life and liberty. Any citizen with comparable legal problems will receive the same treatment.