News, limited

On May 1,  most of the world’s media outlets ran prominent news stories on the finding of the British parliamentary media enquiry that Rupert Murdoch is unfit to run an international corporation. But there were two notable exceptions: The Australian, which buried the story in the business section under the curious title “House of Commons media committee rejects attack on Murdoch as ‘not fit'” (what, it rejected its own finding?), and Melbourne’s Herald Sun, which hid a couple of desultory paragraphs on page 14, next to a distractingly large funny picture of Sacha Baron-Cohen. Can you guess who owns those newspapers?

Two days later, The Australian’s very sparse coverage of the  inquiry’s findings culminated in the coy “News Corporation accepts hacking report” (3/3), which tells us very little about the report itself but a great deal about the dissenting views of the panel’s Conservative members – not those of the rest, who are, apparently by contrast, “partisan”.

That’s not really news, it’s just News, limited.

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